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Okay so last night me and some friends were discussing getting a place together next year and we all pinky promised on it a million times. Today I was just thinking so so much about how lovely it would be have a house that me and Aaron could decorate and getting a puppy that we could all love on because we all adore dogs and it would just be so awesome and adorable and fun and nice and I just really hope it works out how we’ve discussed!

Except maybe we could find another girl to live with us.. Currently, it’s me and Aaron and Nick and Jack and maybe Abby. I don’t know, like Abby wants to and talked about it with us but I feel like she won’t actually end up doing it. Maybe I should just remain optimistic and hope that she will (:

I never have been an optimist though.

This post is posted on Saturday 1 October 2011.
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